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Hanani Governance Services

Project Governance

  • Finance & Cost Management
    This involves financial management practices required to deliver on a project. All projects are expected to deliver on an allocated budget, our service produces a project cost management plan that sets out the format and establishes the criteria for planning, structuring, estimating, budgeting and controlling project costs.
  • Risk Management
    This service line ensures an unbiased, independent and expert review of project risks, threats and constraints
  • Audit & Reporting Management
    This is an in-depth, business-focussed, context-sensitive project audit and risk management product, in which our reviewers are required to use their extensive industry experience and sound business judgement to assess project status at any given time. A comprehensive status report is generated with findings and recommendations are evaluated against the project’s initial objectives, best practise standards as well as other business and industry specific standards or as agreed to upfront with our clients
  • Methodology & Standards
    This service ensures all projects undertaken by Hanani are implemented following the required industry specific standards and methodologies

Hanani Governance Service Pricing

most popular

Project Governance
(Pricing Excl VAT)
1 Project
Project Budgeting & Costing
Project Financial Management
Project Risk Management
Project Audits
Project Methodology & Standards Assurance
Project Governance Reporting
Programme Governance
(Pricing Excl VAT)
1 - 3 Projects
Programme Budgeting & Costing
Programme Financial Management
Programme Risk Management
Programme Audits
Programme Methodologies & Standards Assurance
Programme Governance Reporting
Portfolio Governance
(Pricing Excl VAT)
2 - 7 Projects
Portfolio Budgeting & Costing
Portfolio Financial Management
Portfolio Risk Management
Portfolio Audits
Portfolio Methodology & Standards Assurance
Portfolio Governance Reporting
Portfolio Integration & Strategic Alignment
Portfolio Benefits Realisation Management