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Hanani Programme & Project Management Services

  • Programme Management
    This is achieved by bringing together related projects in the organisation — across all business areas and initiatives — to facilitate business change at a strategic level
  • Change Management
    This involves creating a structured framework for defining and implementing change within your organisation. Standardised methods, processes and procedures are used to facilitate efficient and prompt handling of all changes and to maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of such change
  • Portfolio Management
    This service is strongly focused on delivering projects aligned to business strategy, policies, procedures, key performance indicators and follow good governance practices
  • Benefits Realisation Management
    Based on projections in the business plan and other strategic documents, we investigate the extent to which the programme’s anticipated business benefits are being realised for the organisation
  • Integration Management
    This service groups related projects together, so they can be managed as a programme — much as an investor would manage his stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Our clients use this approach as a means of selecting business-appropriate investment projects for each programme

Programme Management

Project Management

  • Planning & Schedulling Management
    Our Planning service component produces a well-defined set of objectives. It plots the course of action required to attain these objectives by gathering information from various sources, each with varying levels of completeness and confidence, to produce the best possible project plan
  • Coordination Management
    This service is an integrative undertaking, where each project/event and its processes are appropriately defined, mapped out, aligned and connected with other business processes in the organisation
  • Administration Management
    Our administrators are trained in minute taking, meeting arrangements, asset management, collation and updating of project documentation, petty cash management and administrative support for all project related matters.
  • Facilitation Management
    Our clients make use of Hanani’s Project Facilitation service during: JAD sessions, Project scoping sessions, Milestone meetings, Root-cause analysis sessions, Problem definition sessions, Team effectiveness evaluations, Conflict resolution and Business workshops
  • Financial Management
    This involves financial management practices required to deliver on a project. All projects are expected to deliver on an allocated budget, our service produces a project cost management plan that sets out the format and establishes the criteria for planning, structuring, estimating, budgeting and controlling project costs.
  • Risk Management
    This service line ensures an unbiased, independent and expert review of project risks, threats and constraints

Hanani PMO Service Pricing

most popular

Project Management
(Pricing Excl VAT)
1 Project
Project Initiation
Project Planning
Project Execution
Project Management & Controlling Process
Project Close-Out Phase
Programme Management
(Pricing Excl VAT)
1 - 3 Projects
Programme Initiation
Programme Planning
Programme Execution
Programme Management & Controlling Process
Programme Administration
Programme Facilitation & Workshops
Programme Change Management
Programme Governance
Programme Close-Out Phase
Portfolio Management
(Pricing Excl VAT)
2 - 7 Projects
Portfolio Initiation
Portfolio Planning
Portfolio Execution
Portfolio Management & Controlling Process
Portfolio Administration
Portfolio Facilitation & Workshops
Portfolio Change Management
Portfolio Governance
Portfolio Integration & Strategic Alignment
Portfolio Benefits Realisation Management
Portfolio Close-Out Phase