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why Projects?

The business world is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated

Companies must keep up with the changes that impact the day-to-day running of their business, while staying abreast of global advancements

Managers are expected to deliver more than ever — but with fewer resources and within a shorter space of time. They’re being called upon to manage several projects simultaneously, while making decisions to produce maximum returns for the business

In this demanding and fast-track climate, it makes sense for business leaders to call in external Project Management experts to help achieve strategic objectives and to manage change. 

Projects are increasingly being utilised as a means to achieve an organisation’s strategic plan.

Projects are undertaken to produce a unique product or service and it follows that the output or deliverable of any project is critical to that organisation’s future wellbeing and profitability.

The most successful projects in the world of business today have borrowed specialist skills from outside — with beyond-expectation results.



Hanani Project Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a provider of a range of Project Management Services, focused on providing managers with the relevant skills, knowledge and assistance to roll out successful projects.

Hanani is a robust and talented South African company, ideally placed to tackle the full spectrum of 21st century business projects. We have what it takes to handle commercial teams made up of diverse, multi-functional resources, as well as a variety of stakeholders. 

We’ll grasp all the variables of any project and combine them into a cohesive force that converges on a pre-determined business outcome.

Our team comprises energetic and dynamic professional consultants, all with a proven and successful track record.  We are value focused and engage with businesses who wish to bring about value driven optimisation of

  • people,
  • processes,
  • technology and
  • organisational assets


We believe the real benefit of any successful project goes beyond producing a desired output — its ultimate success is determined by how this deliverable is deployed in the operational environment. That’s why the Hanani team puts so much energy into increasing the capacity of the business and guiding its leaders to exploit this new found ability or output to its maximum potential.

Some Benefits of using Hanani

  • We go much further than just ensuring that projects run well — we focus on delivering precise bottom-line benefits. We achieve this by centralising all project activities from project planning to execution, clearly defining responsibilities and lines of authority;


  • A project “Road Map” is produced up front for all stakeholders to see and approve. This eliminates the risk of rushing into a tentative project plan without thorough think-through and also achieves full buy-in with stakeholders;


  • Hanani Project Specialists are deployed to one project at a time. This means you’ll get to know our specialists and come to regard them as a valuable extension of your own team throughout the life of the project. These specialists are supported by Hanani’s internal managers who oversee, monitor and provide project support all along the way. A further benefit of this approach is that our specialists provide you with complete focus and get to know and understand your business intimately;


  • As a team of independent Project Management Specialists — unencumbered by company history or internal politics — our team is equipped to overcome any internal obstacles that could potentially derail the project and remain highly objective;
  • Our flexible approach ensures you can tap into our professional services and solutions as and when required. We will not tie you down with unnecessary long term commitments;


  • Our team brings “free experience” to your organisation, having encountered many similar projects elsewhere. This ready and practical experience adds real value and spares our clients the costs associated with learning curves;


  • Relationships are left intact among our client’s employees once the project is complete, as our skilled specialists are fully equipped in building positive relationships, yet driving the deliverables;


  • Our approach ensures that the project is kept at the right level within the organisation ensuring that it is not relegated to a lower priority as other company priorities take precedence.
  • Key alliances with global leaders in the field of Project Management enable us to monitor trends and keep our clients up to date with leading edge Project Management techniques and methodologies which we apply on all the projects we undertake;


  • Our professional approach and methodology on each project greatly reduces the risks of budget overruns and non-delivery;


  • Our Project Specialists are accredited by global authorities in Project Management and are obliged to undertake ongoing training in their areas of expertise, ensuring that clients enjoy the benefits associated with world class proficiency;


  • Our array of internationally proven hi-tech software tools enhances our project implementation improving overall cost effectiveness and efficiency;